Mummies unveiled on Flickr

In the spirit of the Picture a Museum Day (as a kind of follow up, if you like) I thought I’d show you an image from Manchester Museum’s Egypt collection. This slightly sinister image evokes imagery of a horror film perhaps… or less fancifully, allows you to look inside a mummy in a way museum visitors usually can’t.

At least, this is how it appears at first glance…

But in actual fact, the mummy has been covered by the sheet you see in the picture, in a kind of symbolic commentary on the contentious museum issue of human remains and how to display them. You get a partial glimpse, but the body remains covered. Therein lies the paradox.

As part of a Manchester University AGMS project, myself and four other digital curating students would like to know the answer to these simple questions:
Does this image interest you? Do you like it?
Which images from the Egypt photostream interest you the most?
Which ones would you blog about?
Look at the image I’m talking about at:

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